Residential garage lift?


Does anyone know what a residential garage lift costs in SA?

Not so much for working on a car, but something that might semi-permanently allow a single garage to double up.


Somehow don't think you're going to get an answer!
Might be useful to look through this link , homemade

Hi Asher,

We found a 2nd hand one through the Goose in Ermelo (it was 3 phase, so we had to add an inverter to make it work). So I would suggest keeping an eye out at the industrial auctions and/or classifieds for a garage closing shop.

If you want to import one from China, you should be able to land it here for less than R15k (thumbsuck). At an auction you might get one for much less than that.
Hi Asher

Roelf Pretorius from Pretoria has built costom made residential and other lifts in the past. He might be able to help. His no is: 072 117 4368.
Thanks very much everyone. Was hoping there might be a relatively local distributor of these sorts of things.

(not sure why I didn't get any email alerts to the replies)


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